September 29, 2009

RoXXi's Show Career

RoXXi Championship

CH Blackheath's FoXXi RoXXi started her show career at the San Mateo Dog Show in January 2008. We groomed and showed her ourselves for 6 months. RoXXi then took a short break before going off to a professional handler who finished her championship requirements.

Roxxi's First Major

RoXXi received her first major win in Palm Springs, CA on January 3, 2009.

Roxxi's Second Major

RoXXi received her second major win two weeks later in Ventura, CA on January 17, 2009.

RoXXi's Best of Breed

RoXXi received a Best of Breed in Paso Robles, CA in November 2008.

RoXXi's Best of Winners

RoXXi received a Best of Winners in the Gold Country show in August 2008.